Students and Graduates at GeNI

GeNI de México is a business merger of two leading international companies: GEDIA Automotive Group and Iroquois Industries.

As a part of an international family company with a total of 15 plants in 9 countries and about 500 employees in Mexico, we are striving for market leadership in automotive light-weight components and chassis components.

We focus on a corporate culture that is characterized by mutual respect and support. We actively promote the competence, creativity and performance of our employees and increase the motivation as well as the sense of responsibility.



Since 2018 we provide an individual program for your successful professional career. Our one-year trainee program is for recent graduates who studied Engineering, Business Administration, Finance, Industrial Design and similar. From the very beginning you get the opportunity to work independently on projects and be responsible for them as well as develop professionally and personally. With us you get the chance to successfully put therotical knowledge into practice in order to occupy a good position at GeNI. 

We ensure a development path, focused to provide our trainees with the necessary skills to comply with professional and personal expectations which are essential to achieve a complete integration into work life. 

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Dual program

In cooperation with the University Tecnológica de Huejotzingo (UHT) we offer a joint dual education program which was developed in Germany in 2018. 

80% of the program will be completed as an internship ad GeNi and 20% as theoretical classes at the University.

Our dual students work in the manufacturing areas of the tooling shop, press and welding maintenance. 

In the future we plan to carry out the dual program at a technical in-house training center in order to teach theory and practice at GeNi. 

Contact us for more information about the requirements for entering our dual program.

Our benefits:

You get theoretical as well as practical ex­perience and knowledge at the same time.
You will be given responsibility and obtain working experience from the very beginning.
There is a high probability of getting hired after finishing your education.