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GeNI of Mexico

GeNI de México is a business merger of two leading international companies: GEDIA Automotive Group and Iroquois Industries. 

As a part of an international family company with a total of 15 plants in 9 countries and about 500 employees in Mexico, we are striving for market leadership in automotive light-weight components and chassis components. 

GeNI is the best place to work because we keep our promise in what we say and do. We build a good environment for you with mutual respect between everyone - between collaborators and managers, by impartiality and gender equity and no consideration of your ethnicity.

Humans and their personalities are the most important factor in our company. Only your knowledge and creativity will secure our company’s existence. With this attitude we are a young, innovative company with entrepreneurial spirit.

In GeNI we have an excellent working environment. We always act with recognition and mutual respect. Honest and open communication as well as teamwork and leadership are fundamental parts of our corporate culture.

We regularly organize integration events and celebrate what we achieve as the GeNI family. 

Not only our work with automotive parts is important to us but also our responsibility and conscious commitment to our environment as well as our society. Therefore we participate in various programs in support and awareness towards the care of our environment and support to our community. 

Things we support and volunteer for:

Reforestation of green areas,
planting trees,
recycling waste,
carrying out awareness campaigns to protect the environment in GeNI, we eliminate the plastic from our food products (no more plastic soda bottles among others).
Support in children's cancer programs
Donations to low-income orphanages
Donations in purchases of school supplies for children in our community
Donations to animal shelters in a street situation
We donate food and blankets
Pet sterilization campaigns

For the long-term promotion and optimal development of our employees, we individual development plans and provide suitable training and programs at all levels. These are just a few reasons why you can be proud to belong to our family. 

Our culture is characterized by actively promoting the competence, creativity and performance of our employees and increase the motivation as well as the sense of responsibility. 

At GeNI we work in a familiar and respectful family business with international development, growth and latest technologies. 

As a family company we care for our employees and offer regular events in order to bring everyone together: our employees, families and departments.

For your international development, we provide further training measures with knowledge from three different countries: Germany, USA and Mexico. Furthermore, we offer short- and long-term periods of working abroad and many different training programs which suit your career and interests at our international plants.

Your growth and professional development are propelled by German and American latest technologies. Not just in our production area but also when it’s about modern and ergonomic workplaces. 

GeNI-us! - Be a part of GeNI.


Apply on-line

We invite you to become a part of the GeNI community.

Send us your complete application documents by post or email to the following address.

GeNI de México, S. A. de C. V.
Carretera al Aeropuerto no. 2.700
Col. Cuarto Barrio
Huejotzingo, Puebla, México
C.P. 74160

Tel.: +52-227-275-9167 Ext.: 1025

Students & Graduates at GeNI

New ways for your professional development! At GeNI de México, we started our Trainee program and a joint dual education program of 80/20 in 2018.

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Professionals at GeNI

GeNI offers excellent professional development opportunities in the fields of engineering and administration, as well as specialization in different stamping and assembly processes.

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GeNI offers its employees

International development:
Training of the people is a priority and at GeNI you can learn from Germany, the USA and Mexico.
We are family:
GeNI is a good place to work, where we are all family and we care for each member, pursuing the happiness of our employees.
GeNI is a stable company, with the possibility of important growth and continuous training. The only obstacle for growth here is you.
Latest technology:
Growth and professional development of the people are propelled by German and American latest technology, which is used by the company.

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