Efficient production processes

Everything from one source – state-of-the-art manufacturing and standardised production systems offer extensive capacity and makes us so efficient.

GeNI is expert in the following manufacturing processes:

Cold stamped metal
(soft and high-strength steel)

  • Stamping of medium and large sizes for structural parts and chassis
  • High tonnage automatic presses (1600 tons) for transfer and progressive processes


GeNI offers assembly processes with a variety of technologies to deliver high value added products and to ease customer’s production process as well.

Automated assembly processes:

  • Resistance welding: projection and spot welding
  • Arc welding: MIG: MIG (metal inert gas), MAG (metal active gas)
  • Bolt welding
  • Techniques for adhesion and sealing
  • Techniques for riveting, clinching and screwing

Surface coating:

black painting or electro plating to finished products

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Project management

The perfect combination of technology and sales. We can offer you unique project management.

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Component development

As a partner for vehicle manufacturers, we can take over the entire product development process as required.

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