GeNI offers excellent professional development opportunities in the fields of engineering and administration, as well as specialization in different stamping and assembly processes.

We invite you to get to know our job opportunities.

Professionals at GeNI

Our priority is to open the doors to all employees and offer exciting and challenging careers with promising futures. We are looking for people who fit into our culture and company values. Through individual training and development new employees discover a respectful and supportive corporate culture in our organisation. 

Our culture and values such as trust, responsibility and adaptability to changes are reflected in our daily behavior. They are inherent in our success to ensure an environment in which each employee has the opportunity to use their talent and skills to the maximum of their ability and achieve full potential.

At GeNI de México our employees get individual career plans, which give you the opportunity to continue with your professional development. Our varied complexity of functions within the different departments of GeNI gives you the possibility to emerge in new areas and enrich your professional development. We encourage career movements which can be within the same work family or in a totally new function.

Our internal promotion policy allows you to apply in any vacant position that we have within the organization. Our GeNI employees are considered in the promotions before hiring an external.

Our succession and career plans promote the stability and happiness of our workers, in GeNI. Growing only depends on you. We have training plans and programs according to each level not only in technical training but also in behavioural training which guarantee you to be a leader with a human sense.

We know that the internal development of our future leaders today is essential to ensure qualified and experienced people we will need by tomorrow.

Our social responsibility and environmental programs stand for our commitment and responsibility for our environment as well as our society. 

We at GeNI are happy to work under these great conditions and that is why we call it: 'GeNI - the best place to work.'

Gedia offers you

Over 100 years of experience in working with employees
Individual induction training plans
International work
Close cooperation between all business processes