Anselm Dingerkus founded GEDIA in 1910 with his brother Ferdinand

GeNI de México is a business merger in automotive of two leading international companies: GEDIA Automotive Group and Iroquois Industries.

The headquarter was founded this year
Expansion of the production program for sheet metal hollow handles
Development of international production facilities
1910 - 2016
GEDIA Milestones
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The company started operations in Mexico in 2009 and is located at Huejotzingo, Puebla. It is a business merger of two leading international companies: GEDIA of Germany with almost 100 years of experience and Iroquois Industries of the USA that counts on over 50 years of experience.

With both companies we count 15 plants in 9 different countries and over 5,500 employees worldwide – about 500 employees in México.

GeNI de México is a young company with a broad experience and a great potential for growth. We continously promote talents to improve their personnel and equal working opportunities.

GeNI combines the best of the three cultures that are part of the company.

With 200 to 1600 ton presses, GeNI daily transforms nearly 100 tons of steel into parts with thickness from 0.6 to 9mm. In addition, we work with MIG, projection and spot welding cells.

We carry out cold stamping processes and complex assemblies and also produce parts for electric cars.

GeNI milestones